World Heart Day is an annual event on September 29 that serves as an opportunity to become informed about the risk of heart disease and how to avoid…

With 8 useful tips to a healthy heart

World Heart Day is an annual event on September 29 that serves as an opportunity to become informed about the risk of heart disease and how to avoid it. Its motto “My Heart, Your Heart” is intended to raise awareness of one’s own heart health and that of others. CardioSecur put together some simple tips for maintaining a healthy heart. While there are hundreds of articles on this subject, these nifty tips can be put into practice quite easily.


  1. Eat smart: You can eat whatever you like but take your meals seriously. Avoid eating late meals and snacks. Naturally, you should try to eat as healthy as possible.
  2. Don’t smoke: If you’re not a smoker – very good! But if you are, you should reduce the daily number of cigarettes you smoke. Each cigarette shortens your life by 11 minutes1. Start by smoking one cigarette less per day.
  3. Relax: Take five minutes every day to take a deep breath. Simple things like taking a hot bath, listening to music or your favourite hobby give you a well-deserved break from the stress factors of everyday life.
  4. Have a good time: Laughter is the best medicine because it reduces tension and activates your cardiovascular system as well as your muscles. In addition, the happiness hormone serotonin is released.
  5. Take a regular check-up: Many diseases can be detected early and treated well. In some cases, a change in diet or lifestyle can be an effective therapy. You should also record an ECG to detect heart disease early on.
  6. Do you get enough sleep? The British National Health Foundation recommends at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep affects your eating habits and can quickly lead to weight gain.
  7. Exercise is good for you! It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary. Just take a short walk or go to the swimming pool. Whatever exercise suits you best, just do it! Regular exercise can help prevent heart disease and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  8. Meet with friends! Loneliness and social isolation increase the risk of coronary artery disease 2. Stay in touch with family and friends. People with a stable social environment are less prone to have heart problems. And when you make new friends, the other person also benefits from this effect!

In addition to these 8 tips we recommend that you regularly check your heart with CardioSecur Active.

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