Precise & Comprehensive

Personalised 15-lead ECG data with unique intra-individual ECG comparison. Provides you with effective analysis options.


Intuitive & Flexible

With just 4 electrodes and your own smartphone, ECGs can be easily recorded in just a few seconds, anywhere



With each measurement, the app independently gives patients feedback on whether medical help is acutely needed. Feedback and exchange with the doctor provide certainty.



ECGs are securely transmitted to you in seconds. You can find and manage all ECGs digitally.


Heart Check when symptoms strike – anytime, anywhere

Each ECG is compared with the previously stored reference ECG to detect changes. Based on this, the patient receives immediate feedback as to whether a visit to the doctor is necessary. As a doctor, you receive comprehensive ECG data (12-lead plus V7-V9). CardioSecur minimises delays and resulting heart damage.

As an additional option, you can transfer ECG data directly to your practice or clinic database to make your consultations faster and more effective. With the integrated data system, all the sophisticated ECG data for all patients is available to you in one central location. Contact us to make your practice even more efficient with our data integration solutions:

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CardioSecur makes ECG recording easy:


Patient attaches the 4 adhesive electrodes as depicted



Patient starts the 10-second control reading 



Doctor automatically receives  patient ECG


Your practice on the go

Prof. Dr. med. Herbert Schuster
Internal Medicine - Medical Genetics
General Practitioner Care

"With CardioSecur reports, I get all the ECG data I need to diagnose my patients and adjust therapy".