Swift & Easy

only 4 electrodes permit an undisturbed x-ray view on the patient’s thorax


Bluetooth communication - reduces the number of cables

Enabling LBBP for any clinic

cost-effective high-tech alternative to larger EP-equipment

Intuitive & App-based

high-resolution suite, touch driven, comprising the necessary features of larger EP equipment

Precision in simplicity

Pacemaker procedures have evolved over time to include not only the conventional single and dual chamber pacing, but also more recently Left Bundle Branch Pacing (LBBP), as a subgroup of Conduction System Pacing (CSP). 

Unlike conventional procedures, LBBP utilises the heart's natural conduction system in order to pace the heart in a more effective and synchronous manner. Clinical evidence indicates a reduction in heart failure and mortality rates. 

To perform LBBP more sophisticated equipment is needed, usually only available in EP labs. Smaller interventional clinics often cannot afford such expensive equipment. Hence, LBBP is commonly not performed in clinics without an EP lab.

Easy-to-use technology serving LBBP with the required level of precision, yet being affordable, will make latest pacemaker implantation procedures more accessible to any clinic. 

In recent years, innovation in medical technology and procedures have transformed pacemaker implantation significantly. CardioSecur Pace, the Bluetooth based 12+ lead ECG system, is highly sophisticated while affordable, enabling any clinic access to the latest implantation procedures.