June 12th, 2017

Interesting Heart Facts

June 12th, 2017


The heaviest heart belongs to the blue whale. It weights more than 700 kg.

The human heart is as large as two hands clasped together. It weighs 250-300 grams.

The heart pumps 5.6 liters of blood three times per minutes throughout the body. It pumps the blood a distance of 19,000 km.

Learn about what happens to our hearts when traveling: Dangers of Driving (for your heart)?

The human hearts beats, on average, 1000,000 times per day. That amounts to 3.6 million beats per year!

The heart adjusts to beat to the rhythm of the music that we hear.

The heart rate decreases to 45-55 beats per minute, on average, at night. During the day, the age beats per minute is 60-85.


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