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Brigitte, 55

Brigitte, 55

"I’m finally living without symptoms again."

"My name is Brigitte and I am 55 years old. Even though frequent exercise and healthy eating were always key aspects of my life, I suddenly started experiencing recurrent symptoms such as nausea, back pain, and upper abdominal pain about one year ago.  Symptoms that are typical of menopause. That was also the first diagnosis from my doctor. An ECG was performed immediately but this did not show anything, as presumably at exactly this point in time everything was okay. Apparently, I was healthy as can be.


Unfortunately, my symptoms did not go away, but continued to get worse. A colleague told me that symptoms of a heart attack can be different for women than for men. So, I did some research online and read that my specific symptoms could be the sign of a heart attack for a woman. During my search, I also came across the mobile ECG from CardioSecur. I was impressed to read that it is possible to record a mobile ECG with one’s own smartphone when symptoms occur. I thereby was able to find out, with the help of my doctor, that I was frequently suffering from small circulation disturbances, which were not visible on my first ECG.


During the following examination, a narrowing of one of the coronary arteries was found, which was treated with a stent. I am now doing much better, but I still don’t want to be without my CardioSecur — I use it regularly to monitor recurrent symptoms and monitor my heart".


Find out immediately if your symptoms need to be treated or not.



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