Mr. Groß-Föster

Mr. Groß-Föster

"Using CardioSecur reassures me"

"I was constantly on edge and wanted to give 200%.

Then, suddenly, I started to feel ill, and my doctor referred me to the heart clinic as an emergency patient.

I was diagnosed with heart failure and a complete left bundle branch block.

Luckily, I was admitted to hospital before I had a heart attack.

It was then I realized something had to change. I learned about nutrition and everything you need to be healthy. But still, I lived in fear of a heart attack or my values getting worse.

Thanks to CardioSecur, I can now record my own ECG when I notice a deterioration in my health. And I can do this from the moment the first symptoms occur.

I receive immediate feedback, telling me whether there has been a deterioration or whether there are other causes. I find this very reassuring and it greatly reduces my level of uncertainty and stress.

I am overjoyed and would recommend CardioSecur to any heart patient."


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