Photo of CardioSecur user Felicia Davis

Felicia Davis, 21

Felicia Davis, 21

"Great for anyone with heart problems.''

"In June of 2016 I had reconstructive knee surgery to repair damage that had been done in a previous surgery. The surgery went extremely well even though it was a really complicated procedure. I felt really good when I first got home.

After a few days, I noticed flu-like symptoms and was so exhausted and tired that I could barely move. I was just feeling sick--like something was wrong with me. I went to see my cardiologist to show him my findings that I had been recorded with my CardioSecur ECG cable. He looked at them and told me: "that's probably just caused by stress-- take it easy." So I went back home and took it easy. But as time passed, I was feeling worse and worse. I knew that something was wrong, that it wasn't just caused by stress. I checked my blood pressure and wrote several ECGs every day to document how I was feeling. I caught a severe difference to my reference ECG in blood flow so I was worried that something was wrong.

I decided to go back to the doctor the next day to show him my new findings and to pressure him to find out what was wrong with me. That same night I woke up and was on the verge of passing out. I was so dizzy, I was sweating, and I could barely breathe. I had tightness in my chest. It was just so scary. I printed out my ECGs from that night and the evening before and went to the hospital. In the hospital, I was able to prove my symptoms with the ECGs that I had printed out. The doctors ran checks on me and eventually I found out that I had a lung embolism in both lungs. I was just lucky to have woken up and survived and to have had my ECGs printed out so that I could pressure the doctors in finding out what was wrong".


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