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Mr. M., 73

Mr. M., 73

"At the cardiologist, I could never prove that I had a high pulse!"

"Many years of using a pulse watch showed me that my pulse was already very high when starting to exercise (run). I never did anything about this. I couldn’t prove this, even when I was on the bike at my cardiologist. Everything was fine. I decided to stop running and started biking instead. At the age of 67 I had a heart attack but continued to exercise moderately. My pulse watch told me when I needed to slow down. 

 Lately, these rhythm disturbances have become more frequent. My cardiologist advised me to record my heart rate with CardioSecur while exercising and to directly send him the ECGs. He immediately recognized atrial fibrillation! He prescribed a stronger blood thinner for me. But I don’t want to become a "couch potato"! In November, I have an appointment for a cardiac ablation. I hope that I can stay healthy not only by taking pills, and I will continue recording my own ECGs with CardioSecur!"

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