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In our „Heart Experts" section we provide you, in collaboration with well-respected experts, important and interesting information regarding your heart and heart health.

The Golden Hour

Most people wait 3-12 hours before seeking medical attention when it comes to a heart attack. Cardiologist Dr. Glenn van Langenhove explains why immediate treatment is so important. The goal is to avoid negative consequences or worsening of the situation.


What is the golden hour?

Dr. Glenn van Langenhove

Dr. Glenn van Langenhove is an interventional cardiologist who received his degree in 1991 from the State University, Gent, in Belgium, from where he graduated with distinction. In 1999 he became an interventional cardiologist and was awarded a PhD in Electromechanical Studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. During his academic career, Dr. Van Langenhove conducted extensive research in the field of electromechanical mapping of the left ventricle, the evolution of vein graft disease after bypass surgery and research in the field of the vulnerable plaques.

Dr. Glenn van Langenhove answers important questions regarding cardiovascular disease, prevention, as well as the impact of clinical studies on medical development in the cardiovascular sector.

High Blood Pressure

In this video, Dr. Kenedi explains one of the most important risk factors to the cardiovascular system: high blood pressure. This is the most common disease of the western world, affecting every third person in Germany. In the following two videos, Dr. Kenedi explains the causes, normal values and way of measuring high blood pressure.

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Causes of High Blood Pressure


Explanation of High Blood Pressure


Dr. Peter Kenedi

Dr. Kenedi is an Internist and Cardiologist, working in his private practice in Frankfurt am Main since 2001. In additional to his clinical responsibilities as an attending physician at the University Hospital Semmelweis in Budapest and as the chief physician at the Diakonissen Hospital in Frankfurt, he has published 120 specialty publications in the field of vector electrocardiography and a book entited „What You Always Wanted to Know About ECGs.“

Website: www.kardiologie-frankfurt-kenedi.de/en/