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  Ärzte Zeitung, 30th of January 2017

   DE.DIGITAl, 30th of January 2017

eVivam Online-Portal,     eVivam Online-Protal, 11th of January 2017

Areamobile logo   Areamobile, 9th of December 2016

E Wie Einfach: SMART LIVING! Magazin       E Wie Einfach: SMART LIVING! Magazin, 4th of October 2016

Krankenhaus IT Journal    Krankenhaus IT Journal, 14th of September 2016

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung      Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 20th of August 2016 

 Frankfurter Neue Presse     Frankfurter Neue Presse, 10th of August 2016

 Healthcare Startups Deutschland    Healthcare Startups Deutschland, 7th of January 2016

European Hospital Logo     European Hospital - Healthcare in Europe, 31st of August 2015

  BAMS - Bild am Sonntag          BAMS - Bild am Sonntag, 05th of April 2015

f&w - Führen und Wirtschaften im Krankenhaus          f&w - Führen und Wirtschaften im Krankenhaus 01/2015

Pader Newspaper   Pader Newspaper, 28th of August 2014

Medizin und Elektronik        Medizin und Elektronik, 18th of August 2014

MedScape         MedScape, 30th of July 2014

INGENIEUR, 09th of August 2013


Press Releases (by Date):

09.10.2015 - CardioSecur on the DGK (Broad Press, German only)

08.10.2015 - CardioSecur on the DGK (Specialist Press, German only)

03.09.2015 - CardioSecur TRIALS

28.08.2015 - CardioSecur at the ESC

14.04.2015 - CardioSecur® wins INDUSTRIEPREIS 2015 (German only)

01.04.2015 - CardioSecur auf dem DGK 2015/ mHeart Studie (German only) 

23.01.2017 - CardioSecur Foundrating

22.03.2017 - Global Shapers bytesgenes press release


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