Stories From the Heart

"I wanted to have clarity"

Elena, 44, Germany 


Elena Schmitt suffered from severe heart symptoms, which physicians were not able to clarify even after multiple diagnostic attempts. Whenever Mrs. Schmidt was at the doctor’s practice her symptoms would ease off. Assumptions ranged from pericardial effusion to myocarditis. Though without a satisfactory diagnosis, therapy options were out of reach.

After five years of frustrating attempts she decided to search herself for more flexible diagnostic options. She finally wanted clarity on her heart.

She got this clarity with CardioSecur. During another episode of pain she was able to swiftly take a reading with CardioSecur. Its profound data disclosed clearly that she was suffering from a vasospastic ischemia an overexcitation of the vessels. This causes a cramp of the vascular muscles (vasospastic) and subsequently a reduced blood perfusion of the heart muscle. Every time she went to see a physician the cramps relaxed making it impossible to detect her condition. Today Mrs. Schmidt gets medication and has no disorders thanks to CardioSecur.

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