Stories From the Heart

CardioSecur — When it comes to your heart, assurance counts!

An uneasy feeling, chest pressure, or pain in the left arm, back or jaw — heart problems are multifaceted and can quickly lead to a feeling of uncertainty. The knowledge of how serious a symptom is and if immediate action is required can, in acute situations, prevent fatal consequences and save lives.

Read for yourself below what CardioSecur has provided to our users in various situations.



"I personally have been living relatively carefree since I have been using CardioSecur."

Dr. W. D., from Radevormwald

"This was truly a worthwhile investment."

Mr. N from Gütersloh 

"We wanted to have a possibility to check our hearts whenever we want."

Married Couple J., 60, Hattingen 

Jürgen, 57, Germany

"I know the state of my heart health at all time."

Jürgen, 57, Germany 

Clinic A Heart Check-Up

Half a Day in the Charitè Sports Medicine

"It is reliable!"

Mr. H., Munich 

"I wanted to have clarity"

Elena, 44, Germany 

Dr. Otto talks about how CardioSecur saved his life. Jens Otto! 

"CardioSecur convinced me completely"

Robert, 51, Germany 

Your CardioSecur ACTIVE Story

How do you use CardioSecur?

"With CardioSecur I can live my life the way I want to!"

Carl, 71, Germany 

"CardioSecur helped me get back to life."

Jerôme, 42, Germany 

"Without CardioSecur ACTIVE I would still be undiagnosed."

Carina, 61, Germany

"I was lucky to have CardioSecur with me."

Hans, 51, Belgium