CardioSecur — Offering Much More Than Just an ECG


Only CardioSecur can provide you with a self-performed ECG paired with rapid results and a clear recommendation to act

Typically, receiving a comprehensive ECG is only available via a visit to the doctor’s office or hospital. We know how challenging it can be to perform an ECG, read it, and understand what it means for you. We have therefore decided that you, as a user, don’t need to do all of that — we translate the difficult-to-read ECG language and provide you with easy-to-understand recommendations to act.


CardioSecur — It’s really simple!

CardioSecur requires only four electrodes and is still able to offer the highest clinical quality 15-lead-ECG. It is easy to use, and immediately tells you what to do. You also have the option to connect with your Physician via our platform and share your ECG-data.


How CardioSecur works:

  • Record a reference ECG: After ordering CardioSecur ACTIVE and downloading the application, simply create a profile and record a reference ECG. This reference ECG will be saved, and functions as your “fingerprint” — the ECG to which all future ECGs will be compared. CardioSecur is now ready to be used!
  • Record a routine ECG: When you have symptoms or simply want to perform a check of your heart, apply the four electrodes and record an ECG.
  • Receive results: Your current ECG is compared to your reference ECG. You will then receive one of three recommendations to act:
    • Neutral:   no abnormalities compared to your reference ECG
    • Yellow:     plan a visit to your doctor
    • Red:          see a doctor immediately

Neutral recommendation
Plan a doctor visit recommendation
Visit doctor immediatly recommendation


  • Receive your ECG report: your personal ECG reading and report are immediately available within the app, as well as on your user account online. Know your heart with CardioSecur!

Sample CardioSecur Report


Order your CardioSecur ACTIVE here and download our free CardioSecur ACTIVE App in the Apple App-store or Google Play store.