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CardioSecur — The Perfect Companion for Those With Cardiac Conditions

International Experts Endorse CardioSecur

The validity and use of CardioSecur has been confirmed in various studies. CardioSecur has impressed not only our users, but also medical specialists and experts in clinical practice in regards to the clinical quality and results of the ECGs. CardioSecur offers an optimal solution for the management and monitoring of those affected by various heart problems (including arrhythmias, CAD and myocardial infarction), cardiac symptoms or those with unclear symptoms still searching for a diagnosis.

Read further to see what international experts have to say about CardioSecur.

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Wendt

After receiving his doctorate in 1981 from J.W. Goethe Universität in Frankfurt am Main, Professor Dr. Wendt worked until 1990 as a scientific assistant at the Universitäts-Klinikum (University Clinic) in Frankfurt. 

After receiving his licensure in Internal Medicine (1990), and his specializations in Cardiology (1990), Sports Medicine (1992) and Physical Therapy (1994), he received his licensure as a specialist in Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine (1995).

After his time as an Attending Physician at the J.W Goethe-Universitäts Klinik, in 1996 he was appointed as the Medical Director of two rehabilitation clinics for Cardiovascular and Oncologic Diseases in Bad Nauheim.

He was then awarded the academic designation of Honorary Professor (Außerplanmäßiger Professor) in 1999, and received additional qualifications in Medical Quality Management (2006), Social Medicine (2007) and Cardiovascular Preventive Medicine Physician from the DGPR (2009).

Dr. Wendt has been working as a Cardiologist in Frankfurt since 2010. He has also been a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Heart Foundation for the Information and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases since 1993. He has been engaged as Anti-Doping Commissioner for the Hessisch Tennis Club since 2011.


Since the beginning of 2018, he has been managing cardiological and sports medical lifestyle private consultations at CODE Medical. 



Dr. Glenn van Langenhove

Dr. Glenn van Langenhove is an interventional cardiologist who received his degree in 1991 from the State University, Gent, in Belgium, from where he graduated with distinction. In 1999 he became an interventional cardiologist and was awarded a PhD in Electromechanical Studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. During his academic career, Dr. Van Langenhove conducted extensive research in the field of electromechanical mapping of the left ventricle, the evolution of vein graft disease after bypass surgery and research in the field of the vulnerable plaques.

Dr. Glenn van Langenhove answers important questions regarding cardiovascular disease, prevention, as well as the impact of clinical studies on medical development in the cardiovascular sector.