„It was important for me to have clarity!“

Elena S. suffered from unexplained chest pain for years, until she was able to use CardioSecur to record an ECG when symptoms presented. Today she finally has a definitive diagnosis!



Scientific Partner: Heidelberg University Hospital

Heidelberg University Hospital relies upon the use of CardioSecur in ambulances and helicopters.

„4-Point (22-lead) ECG as an Alternative to the Classic 12-lead ECG in Emergency Medicine.”


Certainty of your Heart, Anytime and Anywhere!

Whether you are experiencing cardiac symptoms or simply want to record a routine reading, CardioSecur gives you certainty of your heart anytime and anywhere. Offline, without a physician, when traveling, in the office or at home.


How old is your heart?!

Our heart age does not always correspond with our actual age. Nutrition, physical fitness, weight, prior medical conditions and habits can all make our heart age faster. With the CardioSecur Heart Age Calculator, you can calculate how old you really are.