Recommended by Leading Phyiscians and Health Insurance Companies

CardioSecur is highly regarded among scientific and medical experts. Many clinics and leading Cardiologists in Germany, for example Charité in Berlin, use CardioSecur and are recommending its use to their patients. Health Insurers have also approved the use of CardioSecur and have incorporated it into their reimbursement programs.

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CardioSecur — A Mobile ECG with One-of-a-Kind Value

CardioSecur is your around-the-clock companion when you have cardiac symptoms (i.e. chest pain, palpitations, chest pressure or difficulty breathing), or have the desire to improve your health awareness. You can measure your heart's circulation, rate, and rhythm, simply with a cable and the CardioSecur App. Within 30 seconds you will receive a recommendation on your screen (smartphone or tablet).  All results are archived for future viewing, if necessary.

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When it Comes to your Heart, CardioSecur is Always Up-to-Date

The latest news about your Heart and CardioSecur to keep you in the know.

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Know What to do in Critical Moments with CardioSecur

CardioSecur is the only App offering instant recommendations to act generated from a comprehensive mobile ECG. The experience of our users shows how crucial this information can be when experiencing cardiac symptoms or uncertainty.

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CardioSecur — Unmatched Certainty When it Comes to your Heart

Many physicians recommend CardioSecur in the management and monitoring of their cardiac patients. It has even occasionally provided physicians themselves with life-saving recommendations to act!

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CardioSecur — Cutting Edge Technology

We are committed to developing innovative solutions and to the continued developemnt of our apps and services. CardioSecur has been awarded many prizes for its top-of-the line technology and everday useability.