Heart Age Calculator


June 5th, 2017

CardioSecur has developed a Heart Age Calculator. This calculates if your heart age is younger than, older than, or corresponds to your actual age.


How can your heart age and your actual age not match?


Lifestyle plays a big role in our general state of health. This includes the heart, the body’s most important organ. More specifically, it is a muscle, which supplies the body with oxygen-rich blood and nutrients, and maintains circulation. Habits that have a negative impact on our heart age include:

-      Smoking

-      Excessive alcohol consumption

-      Too little movement

-      Eating fatty, high sodium or sugar-rich foods

-      Chronic stress


Negative side effects such as high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol and obesity can quickly arise from a lifestyle filled with these habits. This burdens the heart, causing it to age more quickly.

Our goal is to support you to improve your lifestyle by providing you with tips for healthy nutrition, more movement and regular heart checks.

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